KickASSK Dave, Episode 2 (Questions from Facebook)

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110814-140207-KLDavid fields a couple more questions from the Facebook page.  Today from Paul Mealus and Tracy Barthelson. (Ask your own question:

Paul’s Question: Let’s say a beginner has a worthy, quantifiable goal they’ve set out to achieve. They now have a starting point and a goal, but there’s a giant knowledge gap in between. What are your favorite methods for bridging that knowledge gap?

  1. The “how to’s” are none of our business.
  2. Most people spend more time getting ready to get ready and never get into Action.
    1. Ready!
    2. Fire!
    3. Aim!
  3. Find out what you need to know and only what you need to know as you need it. (Don’t become an “over learner”)
  4.  Success comes from taking massive action!

David shares how when he was cold calling training how he would learn what he needed to teach by actually going out with no information and learning as he went.

5.  Notice if you’re moving closer to your goal or not and change course if needed.

Tracy’s Question: Was there one piece of advice that radically shiifted your thoughts/paradigm and changed your life?

It came from a friend called Marlene who shared that for me to be everything I wanted to be in life that I would need to go back and talk to everyone that I was upset with, angry with or even hated, and share how I felt without any attachment to anything changing or anyone saying sorry.

I did go back to England and spoke to everyone without ANY expectations, and it changed my life and freed me up to let love and goodness in.

When you hold onto any anger or hatred, it’s like drinking poison and expecting someone else to die.

I now practice immediate forgiveness, coupled with 100% responsibility, so that when people are being mean or do or say something that is hateful, I simply forgive them and realize that it really has nothing to do with me.

Immediate forgiveness was challenging at first, and the more I practiced not taking anything personally, the more powerful and caring I felt.

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