A Beginner’s Guide to The Kickass Life

When we started The Kickass Life in May, 2012, we had an idea that if we shared the most important concepts of success to the world, we could effect change on a grand scale. Now, with 153 Countries (As of January 2013) listening, and countless amazing stories filling our inbox and Facebook Page with love and gratitude, we know we’ve made the correct, and fulfilling choice.

photoNow, it’s rather daunting to look at over 100 episodes of the show and figure out where to start, so we’ve created this handy page to give you a launchpad to begin from.  If you’re brand new, pop on over to this page to learn about David Wood.   Then download a FREE copy of his “MINDSET, Your key to success”, which will help you get on your way.

On the Kickass Life Podcast, we focus on 5 key areas:  Mindset, Overcoming Adversity, Finding your purpose, Cultivating amazing relationships in business, family, and love, and changing your Financial Blueprint.   And of course, we have a ton of fun in the process.  Every Tuesday, we interview one of the world’s premier thought-leaders, and find out what makes their life Kickass.  That show is usually an hour or so.  On Thursdays, we do a 30-minute solo show, which is David sharing some of the amazing insights he’s learned in his 20+ years of being a millionaire entrepreneur.  Finally, Saturday mornings we like to goof off, and give you a “10 Minute Kick in the Bum” with our 600 Second show.  This is usually just a single message of something you can do right away to make your day a bit more Kickass.

So, that’s it.  Below you’ll find our “Five Buckets”, and a few other tidbits.   Please connect with us on Facebook too, if we’re not already connected.  We try to respond to everyone as soon as we can!  Introduce yourself on our wall, and we’ll say hello.

So, as I say on the show, “See you on the other side!”


The Beginning

001 – Introducing David Wood & The Kickass Life! – Episode number 1! How far we’ve come.  If you want to learn a bit more about David, start here.


055 – Jack Canfield shares The 7 Critical Areas of Change – Author of “Chicken Soup for the Soul” (Over 240 million copies sold) and dear friend of David’s.

037 – The Four Agreements author, Don Miguel Ruiz – When the soft spoken Don Miguel speaks, successful people listen.

023 – Lisa Nichols (The Secret) Shares Her 3-Step Formula to Success and Self-Love! – From an LA hood to millionaire, Lisa’s story is absolutely fascinating.

002 – John Assaraf – The creator of the “Vision Board” and star of The Secret shares HIS secrets of success.

Overcoming Adversity

025 – Les Brown unwraps your infinite greatness! – Maybe the funniest interview we’ve ever had. He talks about cancer, hot flashes, diabetes, and teaches how to respond to adversity.

003 – Marci Shimoff #1 New York Times Bestselling Author (over 14 million books) and star of The Secret talks about happiness, success, and unconditional love.

Finding Your Purpose

043 – David Wagner – Life as a Daymaker – How making other people’s days can make your own days better.

013 – Mike Dooley of “Notes From the Universe” , The Secret, and tut.com – If you’re not yet subscribed to “Notes From the Universe”, you will be after this show.


067 – How to Interest Anyone in Anything in 30 Seconds or Less with Sam Horn – Break out your notebook…this is PACKED with great nuggets.

047 – Relationship Mastery with Beth Haneshewski – Learn how taking responsibility changed Beth’s relationship with her husband.

015 – Carl Studna – Photographer to the Stars – From shooting Paul McCartney to the Dalai Lama, and countless celebs, Carl has a unique approach to photography you won’t expect!

009 – Dr. John Gray – The author of “Women are from Mars, Men are from Venus” talks about creating amazing relationships with your lover!

Financial Blueprint

079 – Tim Ferriss on how to learn ANYTHING, fast! – Master learner and mega #1 author (4 Hour Workweek, Body, Chef) talks about “meta-learning”.

045 – Joe Vitale How to Attract Money NOW – Joe Vitale has amazing systems for changing how you view money.  Break out your notebook for this one.

011 – Pat Flynn of smartpassiveincome.com – Pat was a Job Captain Architect making $30k per year.  Now he makes over $50k per MONTH. Find out how.

005 – Jim Kwik: Learn Anything Faster – See how hyper-accelerated learning can quickly change your financial blueprint.


073 – 12 Actions to make 2013 Kickass – Just what it says…follow these steps to have a better year!


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