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Cherif & Shajen 1Today David is excited to be interviewing Cherif Aziz and his wife Shajen.  Together they created the International Bestselling book and film “Discover the Gift”.   

Cherif is an Entrepreneur, his expertise is from his experience as an investor, stockbroker, business owner, consultant, producer and restaurateur.   Living in different countries all over the world and being multi-lingual has given him the ability to relate to other cultures.  He takes pride in himself and has open communication for smooth running business creating win/win/win opportunities.

How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment, Before starting to improve the world

Anne Frank

Shajen is a Master Educator.  She has been awarded Woman of the year for 2011/2012, before “Discover the Gift” she worked in our public education system for over 20 years as a Special educator, Administrator and Counselor.   She is passionate about children and young adults as they are the future and her motto is “creating a conscious compassionate world – one person, one family and one community at a time”.

On today’s show you will learn:

  • What it means to “Discover the Gift
  • Shajen’s journey and what she learned at a young age
  • Taking action
  • How a traumatic experience can shift your thinking, reconditioning your mind
  • Letting go of your past and experience joy,
  • Being receptive to what’s wonderful about you
  • What is the step that has had the greatest impact on Cherif
  • Family struggles and forgiveness

Listen in and hear more about Cherif & Shajen’s book “Discover the Gift”, the Ambassador program and make a positive change!


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