200 – Spirituality & Wealth with Deborah “Atianne” Wilson

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DeborahAtianneWilson_Headshot_IMG_7565 - Version 3Today David is excited to be interviewing Deborah Wilson, founder and owner of Angels and Prosperity; she is a Spiritual Teacher, an Intuitive Coach, Speaker and Healer.  Deborah will share with us about her life-altering illness and how she allowed her body to heal completely and how this became her platform to start her career.

On today’s show Deborah will talk about:

  • What it means for her to be a clairvoyant
  • Clean energy, Angelic energy
  • Her illness’ and was she was told
  • What does the word Angel mean
  • Tapping into what you do
  • Spirituality & Wealth
  • Joy
  • Meditation and Stillness

Her new book “It’s OK to be Spiritual AND Wealthy” will be out soon! And you can be BOTH!

Listen to her Radio Show: RockStar Radio Show every Wednesday at 10:00am MT

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