185 – Sandra Yancey Interviews David Wood

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photo 1On todays show Sandra Yancey, CEO & Founder of eWomenNetwork and David Wood have switched seats and Sandra is so excited to have the opportunity to INTERVIEW David Wood.

David Wood is always bringing out the knowledge and the wisdom and gifts of others; he has impacted so many lives including Sandra’s.   Sandra and David are very close friends.

Today Sandra would love to have David’s audience get to know the REAL David Wood.

Today’s show you will Learn

  • What David’s friends would say.
  • What was it like to be a young David, where he lived and what type of child he was.
  • David as a teenager and his relationship with his parents, leaving home at the age of 15 and his journey.
  • When he was introduced to mediation and how he started to write poetry.
  • Travelling, seeing the world and being terrified.
  • Arriving in Canada and how Canada became his home.
  • Traveling through South Africa, meeting the woman he married.
  • How David started his career.

You will love this show! David Wood is amazing and listening to how he has made the choice to live the life he wants every day and being authentic is truly touching and inspirational.

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Author: David Wood

Introducing you to Master Trainer David Wood and The Kickass Life Podcast! In this podcast, David will be chatting with some of the worlds most fascinating and influential thought leaders who are impacting the world around us. You are invited to join in as David gets up-close and personal with these amazing people, unlocking their “success code” and letting you discover how these “ordinary” folks have gone on to do extraordinary things in the world, and truly live kickass lives.

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