121 – Father’s Day! The Dad Vibe, with Jeff Hay

Podcast Episode

photoHappy Father’s Day to all the DADs out there!

Today David is exciting to be doing this in-person interview with Jeff Hay at his David’s home here in Kelowna, BC.   Jeff Hay is a Canadian writer, Speaker, Parenting Coach and father of 3.  

Jay shares with us his dedication to improving the well being of children and relationships between FATHER’s and their sons and daughters. 

Here’s what you’ll discover on the show:

  • Sex, Love and Diapers
  • How Dads can get involved with their children
  • How to have an elegant Separation from your spouse
  • Showing your children what a fulfilling life is.
  • How to let Dads find their way and build their bond with their children
  • How to be there mentally and be present
  • Capturing the REAL performance
  • What to do if you’re a working parent

Dads, ASK yourself how you want your children to see you once they have grown up, what would they say about you and what do you want them to SAY about you?

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