119 – Living a “Cowabunga” Life, with Brad Morris

Podcast Episode

bradheadOn today’s show David will be interviewing Brad Morris, also known as the “Cowabunga Dude”.  Brad has led Cowabunga Meditation workshops and supported many people from all over the world through his online Vision Quest.  

Brad is just a dude enjoying life, and today he will talk about how he changed his life after hitting rock bottom, his dreams, and the birth of the Cowabunga life! He CHOSE to live a happy, vibrant life that is cooler than cool!

On this show, you’ll discover:

  • What is The Gratitude Dance?
  • What are Brad’s Meditation workshops and how he got started
  • The meaning of a “Cowabunga Life”
  • Why we worry so much
  • The importance of stimulating our minds
  • Gratitude and miracles
  • How to Create habits
  • What it’s like to be a creator

Brad also talked about his 40 day Vision Quest and celebrating life every single day.

Pull over listeners, as Brad leads us through a short breathing practice and simple breathing techniques, it will make you SMILE!

Special Offer:

Brad has given Kickass Life listeners a special deal on his upcoming 40-Day Cowabunga Vision Quest.


Author: David Wood

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