103 – Sex, Passion, and Enlightenment with Satyen & Suzanne Raja

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MG_0964With the divorce rate so high Satyen & Suzanne are helping couples all over the world to re-ignite their passion.

They truly walk the talk; they love each other and love their relationship.  They have helped so many others to put passion first!

We’re also considering having Satyen & Suzanne host their own show on the Kickass Life network. If you liked the show, be sure and tell us on the Facebook Page! 

What you’ll discover in this show:

  • Are you missing the experience of Passion and want it, desire it, seek it?
  • Satyen and Suzanne will talk about bringing couples closer.
  • The will talk about “Polarity” and it’s magnetic arc of attraction between lovers.
  • Learn about the “ISE Hot Potion” – Invitation, Surrendering and Expression
  • Learn about “PCP” – Presence, Claim and Penetration
  • The importance of putting your relationship first, before children, your career.
  • Ask yourself, what do I want, be specific, have a wish list, a vision board and most importantly love you.
  • How to be successful in your relationship: be intimate and passionate.
  • Take it to the edge and bring your relationship alive, devour and ravish it!

Links mentioned in the show: 

Go to www.ignitepassionnow.com And take the Passion Pulse (Online Quiz):

Read about Satyen and Suzanne’s story here.

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