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NOTE: Below is a summary of all of the files included in the download. All downloads are “zip” files and will immediately begin downloading as you click the link.  To open them, just double click the .zip file once it downloads. (It will go wherever your downloads on your computer go) 

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Audio Files:

Sharing the business plan with people in person, maybe around a kitchen table or coffee shop.

Audio:  Cindy on You + 2, Them + 2

Joshua and Peter doing the business plan on stage:

Audio:  Joshua & Peter on You + 2, Them +2.

Sharing the business plan with someone over the phone:

Audio:  Jason Herbert on You + 2, Them + 2 on phone

Download all audio files here:


Various handout documents from the event for you to download and use with your teams:

  • Cheque (1 page with 3 cheques):  11208 Cheque Generic.pdf
  • Handouts:  all the handouts from UIA in Toronto (16 pages):   13-007 UniversityInAction-Flyers-PRINTFOREVENT.pdf
  • $820 Business Plan (2 pages) outlining the business plan:  13-0087 US-EN UniversityInAction_$820 webinar Script_031313.pdf
  • Calendar of Events (1 page):  13-0086 US-EN UniversityInAction 2013 Calendar of Events_031313.pdf
  • Make-A-Wish pledge form (2 pages):  12-0553 Make A Wish Pledge Form_111312.pdf

Download all documents here:


Transcript of audio: you plus 2 them plus 2.pdf

Transcript on audio:  you plus 2 them plus 2 by phone.pdf

Download all transcripts here: