211 – One Action to Change Your Life

Podcast Episode

Today David records his show live from San Miguel Mexico as he prepares to leave after a life changing and memorable week.

He reads one review from iTunes (Have you left a review yet? https://thekickasslife.com/subscribe) from Adam c Mc who shares all the different ways that he has changed his life and allowed that change to impact his wife and his kids.

As David read Adam’s review, he was inspired to put a challenge out to ALL Kickass Life practitioners to take one action this week that you have put off for years:

  • Start taking lessons to play the Saxophone
  • Start a cooking class
  • Start taking Dance Classes
  • Start Singing lessons
  • Book A Trip to Somewhere New (That you have put off for years)
  • Start writing your book
  • Start Learning a NEW Language

One of our amazing guests, Tim Ferriss, taught us about rapid learning:

Listen to this show to get a head start on learning something new


Take one ACTION that will change how you live your life!


See you on the other side


Author: David Wood

Introducing you to Master Trainer David Wood and The Kickass Life Podcast! In this podcast, David will be chatting with some of the worlds most fascinating and influential thought leaders who are impacting the world around us. You are invited to join in as David gets up-close and personal with these amazing people, unlocking their “success code” and letting you discover how these “ordinary” folks have gone on to do extraordinary things in the world, and truly live kickass lives.

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