Assk Dave Episode #4 (Your Questions from Facebook)

Podcast Episode

IMG_3309The new format of Assk Dave allows you to assk any question about anything; Life, passion, romance, sex, business, networking, success, mistakes…everything is on the table so ask away.

So here are the questions that were posted this week on Facebook:

(Ask your own here:

At the beginning of a personal growth/enlightenment journey, how do you fight the urge to point out every time people around you are being negative?

Oana Mesesan Hey David! We all know that you proposed to Jen on top of Kilimanjaro. Would you like to share your love story, how did you guys meet?

Patrick Weeden Hi David, if you had to choose one thing, what would be the single most important step towards becoming successful?

Michelle Eades Hi David! Another question for you … how did you meet Jack Canfield and become such great friends? Have an awesome day!

Leigh Martinuzzi How do we choose what path to take? I am a very passionate person and put my heart and soul into almost everything I do, but this little defeat has made me question if the path of real estate to reach my goals is the right way. I have had other ideas since about setting up my own business and creating my riches and success that way but feel I am quitting too soon from real estate in which I still feel I could do well.


Michael Jackson:

The Way you make me feel

Man in the Mirror




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