KickASSK DAVE, Episode 1, Starring Hadass and Troy.

Podcast Episode

IMG_1375.jpg ASSK DAVEDave Assked you if you had any questions that he could answer for you on his 600 Second show, he is open to answer any question on money, health, travel, sex, relationships, fun, adventure, religion, politics, it could be about something your dealing with in your life, drugs addiction, business, success,  if you assk it he will answer it (if there is time)

Today’s questions were from Hadass And Troy.  Thank you!

Hadass Eviatar  – Hi David, I know your open heart and persistence have been major strengths in the incredible achievements of your life. I’m wondering, since all good things come in threes, whether there’s a third virtue we should be cultivating in our pursuit of the kickass life?

Troy Swezey – What are a few of your all-time empowering movies and books to help energize, motivate or inspire you? Do you have any kickass songs? Do you have a collection of them like a mix-tape? (I listen to James Bond theme songs before important meetings etc.)

The Answers


Forgiveness- “Immediate Forgiveness” of self and others

Don’t hold on to ANYTHING.

Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting them to die.

G.O.Y,A get off your ASS and take action, and keep getting up when you fall coz “Every Master was Once a Disaster”

Tel the Truth all the Time with Compassion


The Untouchables

Apollo 13

Schindler’s List



October Sky

The Hangover 1 (2 was awfull)

However, the best thing is still going to the movies and buying popcorn and hugging your date or sharing with the kids.


The Road Less Travelled

The Little Prince

Think & Grow Rich

The Prophet

The Four Agreements

7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Dr. Suess – Oh the Places you will go


And Soooooo many more…


Happy Saturday!  Thanks Hadass and Troy!  Keep your questions coming, and we’ll answer them next Saturday.  Just post to the Facebook page.



Author: David Wood

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