Assk Dave #6 – Questions from Facebook

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wakeupEvery Saturday, Dave answers a few questions from Facebook.  Here are this week’s questions:

Michelle Eades Two questions for you, David … 1. do you need to actually travel to work out where else you want to travel to? 2. How do you decide who is going to be approached to be a Guest on the show? Thank You! 

Ingrid Francis Hi David, I am wondering what tools or methods you like to use, or recommend, in order to stay in your “zone”….so as not to absorb any negativity or influence from others around you…….particularly family members, i.e.: spouses and children who are having a Bad Day…as running out the door is not always an option!!!….From a Mum who is striving for some in House Harmony…..

The Good Life Philosophy Hi David, what has been your biggest failure to date? How did you respond at the time and what lesson did you learn from it?

One More bonus Question from Barb: David… Everyone lives their lives “wishing they had been able to do more “. How do you actaully recognize and develop the “inner greatness” that you know is there but have never been able to find ? How do you actually move forward in your life if you know what you are about to do may end up hurting the ones you love?

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