Assk Dave #5: Questions from Facebook

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Jen joins Dave on the show for the first time as they sit on the trampoline in their garden, sharing a latte, on a beautiful sunny spring morning and answer your questions.

Alex Beale What is the best way to end a friendship while  evoking the least hostility? I am an American university student. In February I agreed to live with my current roommates for another school year. Now, I realize that I want to distance myself from these people, and I no longer want to live with them. How can I end our relationship in a compassionate way?

David Allen How does a 59 year old unemployed man change careers and find work?

Tania Stevenson Pendergast How to shift gears from 20 years in a govt job and follow your dreams of being creative

Joe Honan How TO explain time zones of GMT/UTC plus 10 and GMT minus 5 to Americans

Michelle Negri “Master trainer” how did you become a master trainer, what did you do before being a trainer (not the window washer job etc), was there someone or something that led you to this path, what steps did you take ? Clearly I don’t know that much about you…but I know that you are amazing at kicking ass.

Jake Simon I’d love to know how/what strategies you communicate to your boys. Or more to the point, what strategies they are using now – ultimately getting a head start early on.

Kristy Gallen Do you have a mantra to get you through tough days?

Debra Marra Donaldson What gives you the courage to make the first call ?

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Author: David Wood

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