600 Seconds – 030- The Six Basic Human Needs

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Many hands on a small tree1. Certainty

Certainty gives us a sense of security. When things are certain or predictable, we feel more secure and at ease. It reduces our need to be in the “fight or flight” mode.

A cohesive family unit, a peaceful community and predictable weather all provide us with certainty. On the other hand, wars, natural disasters, corruptions and unconventional behaviors all make us feel insecure because of their uncertainty.

2. Variety

However, even as we appreciate certainty, we also crave for varieties. When things are too predictable, we become bored. So we seek varieties in our life. We pursue new challenges, set new goals and explore new frontiers.

3. Significance

We also have the need to feel special. We want to be unique, one of a kind, and we want others to appreciate our uniqueness.

4. Connection or Love

We have the need to be accepted, included and loved. We need to feel connected to humanity and life as a whole.

5. Growth

When the first four basic needs of the ego are met to our satisfaction, we recognize the new need to grow, to transform and become better than what we are. We strive for self improvement and personal transformation.

6. Contribution

We also have the altruistic need to contribute to society and humanity, or to borrow a term from Abraham Maslow, to actualize.

– See more at: http://mindscience101.com/2007/08/six-basic-human-needs/#sthash.yFme2Uar.dpuf

Author: David Wood

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