600 Seconds – 029 – The Power in Saying YES!

Podcast Episode

IMG_4635David shares about the inspiration he felt when two of the people who joined him and climbed Kilimanjaro both said YES just a few days before they had to leave to go to Africa.

Most people use considerations before saying yes, which often leads to a NO or to never making a decision at all. When we say YES first, and then look at the considerations, it wraps the decision with a whole new energy.

What we find when we say YES, and THEN look at the considerations: Begin with a YES in mind, and you will actually find solutions to one of the two major default modes:  “I cant afford it”, &  “I don’t have the time”.

David also looks at how “NO’s” can be much more powerful when we don’t wrap them in little white lies or justifications.

So, choose YES, and THEN look at the considerations, and use NO with clean, truthful, and considerate power, and you will take a huge leap in living a Kickass Life.


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Author: David Wood

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