320 – Peak Mindset To Create Your Ideal Life – Andy Murphy – Personal Development Series

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Andy Murphy - full picToday David is excited for the opportunity to be chatting with Andy Murphy.  Andy is a Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistics and Mental Performance. He is an Entrepreneur, Speaker, Trainer and Coach using cutting edge psychological tools blended with his own 21st century version of eastern philosophy to help global clients excel to their full potential.

Today Andy will talk about:

  • What it means to have a Peak Mindset.
  • How we are ALL affected by society.
  • His journey and how his life changed.
  • What Neuro Linguistics is, who uses it.
  • Making new connections using your brain, re-programing your brain.
  • The importance of expanding your belief.
  • Steps to follow to have a Peak Mindset and the importance of gratitude.

What an amazing show! Andy is very passionate about Neuro Linguistics and how he can help people all over the world.  He will share his beautiful design for his future and every day, his grandmother’s advice and his amazing energy he has for life!

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