319 – Thandie Newton – ‘Self’ vs. ‘Oneness’ – Personal Development Series

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Thandie Newton - Ted TalkIn today’s show David will discuss  Thandie Newton’s TED Talk and how our beliefs that are formed and how we can embrace ‘otherness’  and ‘oneness’ to explore, grow and change and to be our best and live life to its fullest.

Thandie and David will discuss:

  • Our ‘oneness’ vs. ‘separateness’
  • How the ‘self’ that we design, becomes the vehicle through which we experience the world
  • How the ‘self’ and our belief that is designed by others is not our vehicle and not our truth, but is something that we can and should change in order to find a ‘self’ that fits
  • How the ‘otherness’ and the desire to be a part of something affects our mind as we want to fit in
  • How dance and acting gave Thandie insight and the deep insight into other lives and emotions
  • How we never enter into our authentic self when we act out to win the approval of others
  • How ‘race’ simply comes from our desire to create difference
  • How ‘oneness’ becomes possible through awareness and how critical that is to find our purpose and live life at it’s fullest
  • How the lack of ‘self’ is how we find our truest self, authenticity, and purpose

Quote for today:
“I had a degree from Cambridge and was an actor.  But my life was a car crash.”
– Thandie Newton

Links for today:

Songs today:
Your Song – Elton John
Candle In the Wind – Elton John
I’m Still Standing – Elton John


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