318 – Dr. John Gray – Building Healthy, Wonderful Relationships

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John GrayJoining David today is a great friend and a renowned throughout the world as the best selling Author for almost a decade for his book “Men Are From Mars, Women are from Venus”, selling over 50 million books, our guest today is Dr. John Gray, John is a Master Trainer, Author, Humanitarian and Professional Network Marketer.

Today John will talk about:

  • About his book “Men Are from Mars, Women are from Venus”, and what inspired him to teach and write this book.
  • John’s beautiful journey of teaching, becoming a writer becoming a Hindu Monk, teaching Yoga, mediation and his role model, Maharishi and what he learned from him.
  • A sneak peak of a few things women like and why men and woman are so different and sexual attraction.
  • People’s hormones and how they are going out of balance.

John is truly amazing to listen too, you learn about his life journey to date and some great
tips from his books on building healthy wonderful relationships. Be sure to listen in!

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