317 – Living Beyond Limits – Amy Purdy’s Amazing Journey, Story & Triumph

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Triumph on a MountainImagine if your life were a book and you were the author? What story, what great adventure would you be writing yourself into and what actions would you be taking every day to bring it all to life?

Included in today’s show, David discusses Amy Purdy’s journey who has been a stellar example of living beyond limits and has been in the Olympics, TED Talk, Dancing with the Stars!

A wonderful and inspiring story and show!

On Todays Show:

  • Unveiling Adversities Secrets
  • Choosing how Long You Need to Overcome Adversity
  • Amy Purdy’s Story
  • Amy’s Low Point and How it Propelled Her
  • Why Someone Who Loses Limbs Decides Not to Have them Back
  • Your Challenge to Write Yourself onto a Great Adventure

Amy Purdy’s TED Talk

Todays Songs:
Walk with you – Ann Reed
Forgot my Shoes – Ann Reed
Telling Stories – Angelika Dusk
Telling Stories – Tracy Chapman
Dirty Little Secrets – Telling Stories

Today’s Quotes:

“The obstacles are not there to keep us out,
they are there to see if we want it bad enough.”

– Randy Pausch

“Borders and Obstacles can Only do One of Two Things
Stop us in Our Tracks or Unleash Our Imagination.”

– Amy Purdy

Author: Casey

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