306 – The First Key to Success

Podcast Episode

Hand with No Excuses Stamp“When I take 100% responsibility for everything in my life and everything not in my life, there is no one left to blame.”

Everything you experience is a result of choices
we have made in our past”

David explores what he considers to be the number one key to success. This can be a tough one and one that many will struggle with as it means letting go of old stories and creating new ones.

What you will learn on Todays Show:

  • The Ultimate Success Formula
  • A 90 Day Challenge
  • The Process of Manifestation
  • How we get trapped by our circumstances
  • How to create the life of your dreams by taking responsibility
  • E+S = P :: Event + Story = Problem
  • E+NS = NP :: Same Event + No Story = No Problem
  • E+R = O :: Event + Response = Outcome

Songs Todays Show:

Author: Casey

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