303 – Suze Casey – Flipping Your Inner Switch to Happiness and Success

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Suze Casey“Be Kind to YOURSELF” Today David is very excited to be talking to Suze Casey.  Suze is an internationally published author, teacher, speaker, weekly radio show host and entrepreneur. Following a 20 year career as an educator, teaching students from grade 6 to post-graduate, in 1999 Suze began her private practice offering personal and business coaching programs and courses.  Here clients share a commitment to personal growth, development and change.

Suze’s fascination has always been with the mysteries of the human mind – how we learn, change and come to know our own truths. Her greatest joy is in supporting others to learn, grow and embrace their potential. She travels extensively sharing her message, and comes home to the beautiful Rocky Mountain foothills in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Today Suze will share: 

  • Reconditioning ourselves, and why practice is so important.
  • Her great APP she created 365 re-pattern “Word of the Day”
  • Suze’s story before she crossed the line and when she decided to teach herself well.
  • The difference between Inner Critic and Inner Coach.
  • Daily practices, thinking positive and knowing you have choices
  • Flipping the Switch – Great examples and exercises we can all do from her book – Belief Re-Patterning
  • Suze is amazing, and this show is beautiful she is passionate about teaching people to uncover their true self, forgiving, having control and having choices.
  • Find out how to call into Suze’s radio show!


Suze’s Book:
Belief Re-Patterning The Amazing Technique for “Flipping the Switch” to Positive thoughts


Useful Links:

www.suzecasey.com – “Flipping the Switch with Suze Casey”

365 Re-Pattern – 365 Re-Pattern App

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