298 – The One Year Vision – How to Attract and Achieve What You Want in Your Life

Podcast Episode

Laguna Beach, CaliforniaFrom the beach, David shares a critical lesson that he just went through in helping a friend.

When struggling with your current life, how do you change things to make the future different?

The focus of the mind and your vision that you cast, guides what happens in your future.  Listen to the show, unlock your potential and the life that you really want to have.


What you will learn today:

  • Make sure that your experiences of their past do not become the life in your future
  • How do you get the happiness in your life
  • The importance of forgiveness of things in the past
  • Immediate forgiveness of things that happen now
  • The wand in your hand for Possibility Thinking


Here’s your homework:

  • Cast your vision (what do you want more of, what does that life feel like)
  • What is one small shift I can make right now, to start moving toward that vision
  • What actions do I take to feel purposeful and satisfied each and every day


Enjoy who you are and all that you can be and create the kickass life you want to life!


Author: Casey

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