295 – Dealing with & Navigating the Waters of Infidelity – Dr. Phil

Podcast Episode

Dr PhilA question was posted to David about how to deal with a father who you just learned had been having a 20 year affair, so in this show, David talks through his experience on this matter, through some of the overall statistics and how to move past this season of anger, sadness and disappointment.

David explores his own life and those he knows well, the writings of a well known author on this, and also a video done by Dr. Phil.


In this show you will learn

  • The danger of proximity
  • How to get through this if this is your spouse
  • How to get through this if this is a parent
  • How to move on and forgive
  • When does the pain stop and when can you move on
  • When you can trust again

This is an important lesson for everyone to learn, whether you are or have experienced infidelity directly or have a friend or relative that you can share this with.





Author: Casey

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