291 – Matt Eldridge – Living The Dream: Building a Business Out of Passion & Purpose = Foursum

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Matt_Eldridge_FoursumLoving Golf, Being an Entrepreneur = LIVING THE DREAM.  Today David is excited to be chatting with Matt Eldridge.  Matt is the President and Co-Founder of Foursum Golf.   He feels that his “failures” are his best lessons and successes that have helped him grow into the leader he needs to be for Foursum. Growing a company, helping grow the game of golf, and learning from great people he surrounds himself with daily, is the ultimate dream – plus he gets to test golf all the time. 

Today Matt shares: 

  • The frustrations of playing golf and what makes so many come back.
  • Connecting with the little white ball, and the amazing feeling everyone has when they do.
  • How Matt started Foursum and feeling the passion of doing what he absolutely loves.
  • What this Golf APP can do and what Matt’s goals are with this Brand.
  • How golfing builds relations, and connections and can be very fulfilling.
  • Having a great partnerships.
  • How technology can help make this game more fun, interactive and growing the game.
  • Why Golf is great for younger people.
  • What is a HAT TIP!

Be sure to listen in and hear Matt’s love and passion for golf and what this great APP Foursum can do! And, some great advice to Entrepreneurs.


He is LIVING THE DREAM everyday! 

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