288 – Matt Theriault – The Power and Importance of the Do Over

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Matt TheriaultLiving a life of Range, today David is very excited to be interviewing Matt Theriault, an accidental success coach that helps people pick themselves up after a major let-down and Do Over!  Matt is an entrepreneur, author, success coach and host of Your Do Over, a weekly podcast on inspiring “come back” stories that teach people how to start over with ease, speed and success.  He is also the creator of the Epic Real Estate Investing podcast. 

Today Matt shares: 

  • Going from riches producing a record every month to losing his wife and JOB in a very short time.
  • What his life was like after producing music and how he recreated himself.
  • How important it is to emerge technologies and having multiple streams to generate products, clients and marketing.
  •  Changing his mindset and how he became determined to make a change in his life.
  • The moment of realization being a Real Estate agent and knowing he had to make a change.
  • How making multiple streams of income has changed his life.
  • Finding Financial Freedom and having passive income streams to writing his book Do Over

Matt’s story is so real and relatable, he shares the importance of believing and getting close to those who share the same dreams and being intentional about your environment.


Magic of Thinking Big

Awaken The Giant Within

Rich Dad, Poor Dad

The Cash Flow Quadrant


Songs for Matt:

Starting Over – Tony Lucca

Starting Over – La Toya Jackson


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