286 – Pornography, Addiction and Cures

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Pornography - The TruthA 17 Year Old Listener Assk’s Dave an Important Question About Pornography:

Today’s show has been inspired by a young listener who has reached out to David for help on understanding what he can do about his growing addiction to porn.

The Question:

Hey Dave, just a quick show request, I was wondering if you could do maybe a 600 second show or a solo show on pornography and the effects it has on young men and relationships. Your podcast has kinda become a go to for me whenever I lose motivation or struggle in most areas and that is the big hurdle I’m trying to overcome right now. As always thanks a ton!


Wiki How – How to Stop Watching Porn on Your Computer

10 Reason Why You Should Quit Watching Porn

Organizations who Help with Porn Addiction

Todays Songs:
Celebration – Kool & the Gang
Sex Ain’t Better than Love – Trey Songz
Sex Therapy – Robin Thicke
Addiction – Medina


Author: Casey

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