280 – Meditation Series – Jen Newman – #2 – A Meditation on Love and Kindness

Podcast Episode

David and Jen - ParadiseWelcome to the Second show in our meditation series.  David has invited his wonderful partner Jen on the show to facilitate one of the 5 proven practices of happiness.  Use this 15 minute practice to be sure 2014 is truly beautiful and Kickass. 

What you will learn on todays show:

  • How to use the creative power to rid yourself of stress
  • How a 15 minute daily practice can tap into the infinite creative potential that is within you
  • How to focus you mind so that you can achieve a greater sense of peace and kindness at will
  • How to switch off from the noise and really become present
  • How to achieve your goals and dreams more elegantly


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Today’s Quote:
Our circumstances do not define the outcomes in our lives,
It’s our daily choices and habits that will ultimately determine
the outcomes in our lives
-David T. S. Wood


Today’s Songs
Enya – Only Time
Enya – Orinoco Flow

Author: Casey

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