278 – Robert & Terri TallTree – Aligning Your Mind, Body & Spirit to Find and Connect with Your Purpose

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Robert and Terry Lynn TalltreeDavid is very excited to be interviewing Robert & Terri TallTree.  Robert & Terri are beautiful connected people who have touched many around the world with their powerful message and presence.  Nationally renowned speakers and trainers, they have appeared on PBS, the BBC, Animal Planet and Discovery Channel.  

The TallTree’s are living proof that miracles happen and dreams come true when you align your Mind, Body and Spirit.

Today the TallTree’s will share;

  • The Corporate world, stress levels and our society and how it affects us.
  • Staying connected and being aware, not just living from the neck up.
  • Their beautiful perspective and how they see everything.
  • Reclaiming yourself, getting in touch with your younger self.
  • What is Energetic Connection and reconnecting?
  • Having a purpose and knowing you are good enough.
  • How forgiveness is so IMPORTANT, learning from your mistakes and moving forward.

Awaken your mind and listen in to this beautiful, amazing show, which will captivate you from the start!

Robert & Terri have a very special gift for all of you, please go to How To Live on Purpose

Todays Quotes: 

Don’t be afraid to stand for what you believe in, even if it means standing alone


Todays Songs:
Willie Nelson- On The Road Again
Willie Nelson – Always on my Mind


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