275 – Pam Grout – Proof That Your Thoughts Create Your Reality & How To Get What You Want In Life

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Pam Grout and E SquaredDavid is very excited about today’s guest Pam Grout and her overnight success!  Pam is a hopeless romantic who still believes the world is a beautiful place that people are noble and that anything is possible. For a living, she writes books and articles for such magazines as People, Men’s Journal, CNN Travel and Huffington Post. She also enjoys sharing stories with her daughter, but that’s more about making a life than a living. She’s keenly aware there’s a huge difference.

Hear how Pam has traveled to all the world’s continents, and what she has learned.

On Today’s show Pam will talk about:

You don’t want to miss this show, Pam will share so many touching stories, her positive affirmations and her many great experiences with traveling and seeing so much of the world and helping others.

Check out Pam’s blog at www.pamgrout.com.


Todays Quote:

If you really want something and are ready to make it happen,
start by getting impatient and go make it happen.

– David T. S. Wood


Led Zeppelin – Stairway to Heaven
Pink Floyd – Wish You were Here


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