263 – 600 Seconds – The Importance & Speed of Trust

Podcast Episode

Building trustLive from Dallas, and hot off a keynote speech, David takes the time to talk about a critically important topic of the trust and how it can quickly help us or hurt us.

When you have the speed of trust, everything happens so much more quickly for you personally and in your business.

Homework for this week:

Speak about people as if they are with you.

Ask yourself these questions: 

  • How would those conversations sound?
  • Am I building trust quickly?
  • Am I holding trust?
  • Am I speaking with impeccability and honorably about people?

In this podcast you will learn:

  • The importance trust for your success and best relationships.
  • How people break trust most often.
  • How to quickly build that bridge of trust.
  • How to recover and mend the relationship if you break someone’s trust.

Useful Links:

Steven Covey – Speed of Trust (Book)


Author: Casey

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