261 – Nicky Billou – 13 Key Principles to Think Like and Be a Champion

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Nicky Billou - CEO and Olympic Success Coach Today David is excited to be interviewing this amazing guest Nicky Billou. Nicky, is an author, businessman, coach, and father of two boys living in Toronto.  He has worked with some of the world’s most celebrated champions, including Olympic Gold Medalists Mark McKoy and Donovan Bailey, as well as ultra-distance Guinness World Record Holder Theresa Dugwell, and champions in business and personal development; including top CEOs and real estate agents. An ex-corporate executive, he has become THE trusted adviser to entrepreneurs and CEOs for their personal health and high performance.

On Today’s show Nicky will share:

  • The importance of teaching values and higher standards.
  • Kids need a push, give them a reason to do more.
  • How he came up with the 13 principles, and what they are.
  • Why it’s important to move everyday.
  • How to think like a CHAMPION
  • Why to put yourself first and INVEST in your HEALTH.

Nicky’s great energy will inspire you to move today, get healthier, fit and become a champion.


Useful links:


Twitter @NickyBillou


www.finishlinethinking.com – Learn How to Think and Win Like a ChampionTM

www.thereelmckoy.com (Nicky’s dear friend and collaborator Olympic Gold Medalist Mark McKoy’s site)

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