253 – 600 Seconds – What Is Love & How Do You Find Love

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David Wood proposing to Jen Newman on Mt. KilimanjaroToday, David discusses his personal journey to discover what love truly is and how to find it.

David explores this important topic of ‘what is love’ and ‘how do I find love’.  He shares some straight shooting experience from his personal adventures and life and from working with countless others to help them find the love they long for in their life.

Explored on the show,  David defines ultimately that love is when two souls that can be together and totally accept our own and each other’s imperfections.

What you will learn today:

  • Where the ultimate power for love lies
  • Why you attract the people you do
  • The more you love yourself, the more  you will attract those who will love yourself

This week’s homework:

  • Notice who you are attracting
  • Notice the relationship you are in now
  • Are you whole, are you full or are you hiding?
  • Are you able to be yourself?
  • Are you unhappy because you cannot be yourself?

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Today’s useless facts include:

  • Crocodile’s tongue is attached to the top of their mouth
  • Postage stamps in England are the only country that does not write the name of their country on the stamp
  • Koala’s never drink water. They only get their fluids from Eucalyptus leaves.
  • Elephants only sleep 2 hours per night.

Author: Casey

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