250 – Cliff Ravenscraft – The Podcast Mastermind – From Inbox Zero, To Living With Purpose

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Cliff RavenscraftDavid is very excited to be talking to Cliff Ravenscraft.  Cliff is the founder of The Podcast Mastermind and gspn.tv (Generally Speaking Production Network). Together with his wife, Stephanie and a few close friends, Cliff has produced over 3,100 podcast episodes; He is devoted to Entertainment, Family, Faith, Fitness, Career and Technology.

Cliff is extremely passionate about podcasting and connecting with others who share the same passions, hopes and fears.

On Today’s show Cliff will share:

  • What he reads himself everyday to get to INBOX zero.
  • How he knew failure would not be an option.
  • What television show his first PODCAST was devoted to and how he grew from this.
  • How Cliff and his wife Stephanie have helped so many people going through life struggles.
  • Finding friendships through having the same passions.
  • What was his life before Podcasting?
  • VALUE and IMPACT the followers you do have.
  • Helping people who share the same interests, passion CONNECT with each other.
  • Why consider podcasting?

What an amazing show! Through Podcasting, Cliff’s life has changed, he has impacted and helped so many people and he has combined his faith, his passions and along with his family, lives a purpose every day.

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