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Michael Mataluni and his kidsDavid is excited to have Michael Mataluni joining him today.   Michael is a proud father of 3 children.  He is a successful author of a podcast entitled Kick Ass Dad | Passionate Parenting in a Volatile World and has become an influential voice in the Personal Development community.

He is very passionate about raising the consciousness of individuals and families. And his focus on service is paramount to his mission. Michael is currently creating community gardens that bring neighbors together for a common purpose. He believes that it is by healing the family, that we can heal our communities and ultimately the world. He works with Kauses4Kids to develop community centers that give poor children access to musical instruments, cutting edge education, and sustainable agriculture.

On Today’s show you will learn: 

  • What inspired Michael?
  • Challenges of being a DAD.
  • When to mentor your kids.
  • You don’t have to be a PERFECT parent to be a GREAT parent.
  • What we see in our kids, why we over protect our kids.
  • Love is not ENOUGH.
  • Look at your actions and ask great questions.
  • Kids will EXCEL at something they are good at.
  • What ENERGIZES you?
  • Having a Purpose.

This is an amazing show, Michael has a very gentle heart, is loving father and today he will share some of his Myths on parenting and how he can help you find out what you’re passionate about, what are you good at and how you can see results.

Make sure you tune into Michael’s show and learn more about being a Kick Ass Guy, Dad & Parent.

Ten Parenting myths and how to destroy them

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Kick Ass Dad | Passionate Parenting in a Volatile World


Todays Songs: 

Paul Simon – Father & Daughter

Cat Stevens – Father & Son


Todays Quotes: 

Experience is something you get just after you need it


“If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.” 

Albert Einstein


Children must be taught how to think 

Not what to think


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