241 – 600 Second – Cultural Challenge

Podcast Episode

David Wood with Children in AfricaDavid explores culture today and offers you a cultural challenge this week that could open up all kinds of wonderful new connections. He also shares some comedy from Jerry Seinfeld and some amazing fun facts from England, Poland, Zambia, Italy and the USA.

What You Will Learn on Todays Show

  • How David connected with and invited a total stranger from Kenya to his home for dinner
  • What happened the day that David was given his Canadian passport
  • A story of David and a Polish taxi driver who refused to let him pay.

Full Hour of Stand Up with Jerry Seinfeld


Todays Songs 

Queen – Crazy Little Things Called Love
Queen – I Want to Break Free


Todays Challenge

This is your chance to make a new friend from a different culture, to get to know them and their traditions and invite them to come and break bread with you and your family in your own unique cultural way.

The KickAss Life Gratitude Week – Monday: Culture
Share your story with our community on our Facebook page (http://DavidOnFacebook.com) and tell us what you are most grateful for about your culture.  Thanks in advance for sharing!

Author: Casey

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