230 – Team Building Through Leadership with Shawn Stratton

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nl-stratton-shawn2-20130415Today David is excited to be interviewing Shawn Stratton. Shawn is the president of LiveMore Group, an organization that helps people maximize their potential and productivity. He is an international team-building and leadership consultant and bestselling author.

Shawn is driven by a love for experiential education, adventure, and teambuilding. Shawn has devoted 15 years to leading over 2000 days of wilderness expeditions into some of the world’s harshest environments as a senior instructor with the National Outdoor Leadership School and other international organizations.

On today’s show Shawn will share:

  • What means to be part of a team, the importance of teams, being in love with your team
  • Team Building through Leadership
  • Most challenges you can’t do on your own
  • Building trust 
  • Feet Forward and what this means and how it can help you
  • Giving feedback in a good way
  • The importance of knowing your role
  • Love every day and what you’re are doing today!

What a great show, Shawn will take you back on how he got started on his journeys and adventures.

Shawn’s book is a MUST READ, Teams on the Edge: Stories and Lessons From Wilderness Expeditions was released this year and became an instant bestseller on Amazon.

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