229 – Assk Dave (and Jen)- Your Questions from Facebook

Podcast Episode

IMG_7145David and Jen tackle your facebook questions today from the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Coolum.

What you will learn on Today’s show:

  • A temporary way to make money
  • Why systemizing a business is so important
  • How David started his first business
  • An offer to be coached to train wealth
  • How to impact people’s health without losing your sanity
  • Why getting people does not work
  • How to Really help and impact people by asking better questions
  • How to help people when they come for advice
  • When great opportunities show up how do I handle the FEAR
  • What “See You on The Other Side” means.
  • Why Saying YES is so important
  • Dealing with a Negative influence from a Spouse

Quote: “You Can’t say the right thing to the wrong person”

Todays Songs: 

Born to be Wild – Steppenwolf

Borrow My Heart – Taylor Hendersen

Minor Swing – Django Reinhardt


E-Myth Revisited – Michael Gerber


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Author: David Wood

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