222 – Assk Dave & Jen (your Questions live from Australia!)

Podcast Episode

imagesThank you for your questions on Facebook! (http://davidonfacebook.com) Time to strap in for the answers!  I also would love to thank everyone who has taken some time to leave a review on iTunes and give the show your star rating.  I so appreciate you all!

Quote of the Day

Holding on to anger, hate, disappointment or any other

Negative energy about someone,

Is like drinking poison and expecting them to die.

Some of the things that you will learn on todays show

  • How to give and receive compliments
  • How to decide on the right Network Marketing Company
  • How to deal with negative people
  • How to deal with an emotional Vampire
  • When do you take a step back
  • Some amazing financial success stories


Links to The Songs Played on Today’s Show: 

xavier Rudd – Follow the Sun

xavier Rudd – Messages

Rush – Mission

Todays Quote

If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.

Maya Angelou

Author: David Wood

Introducing you to Master Trainer David Wood and The Kickass Life Podcast! In this podcast, David will be chatting with some of the worlds most fascinating and influential thought leaders who are impacting the world around us. You are invited to join in as David gets up-close and personal with these amazing people, unlocking their “success code” and letting you discover how these “ordinary” folks have gone on to do extraordinary things in the world, and truly live kickass lives.

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