213 – How Education is Killing Creativity

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Creativity1In this podcast, filled with great humor, David discusses the importance of challenging and expanding the way we all think and reviews some of Sir Ken Robinson’s discussion from his widely popular TED Talk about ‘Killing Creativity’.  We have been taught to disregard the creativity that we are all born with and follow the rigid structure of the industrial revolution based education system.  David talks through his experiences of being disregarded and looked down upon by teachers and counselors when he was in school, and how the educational system is broken in the way they judge just a small portion of what is truly important in children.

The topics covered in this podcast are critical to learn about discuss for any current students, parents, educators, or those who understand the critical role that creativity plays in education.

Sir Ken Robinson is a phenomenal speaker with over 5 Million views on his TED talk and over 10 Million views on Changing Paradigms video.  He is thought provoking and mind expanding speaker who delivers this amazing content through great stories and humor.

Sir Ken Robinson’s Ted Talk on Youtube

Sir Ken Robinson’s ‘Changing Paradigm’ video on Youtube

Key things you’ll learn in this podcast:

– How to embrace failure to reach your excellence

– How current education teaches the creativity out of us

– New ways of teaching to fire up all senses for better results

– How Gillian Lynne (world renown choreographer of Cats & Phantom of the Opera) overcame the early labels of attention deficit to embrace her true calling

Awesome musical accompaniment in this podcast:

Dire Straits – Sultans of Swing

Dire Straits – Money for Nothing

Author: David Wood

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