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world-in-two-hands-responsibiltyHey everyone I am so excited to announce that we are moving to FOUR shows:

Monday: The 600 Second (10min) Monday kick in the butt

Tuesday: The One-Hour Show with A World Class Guest

Thursday: The 30-Minute Show where David Rides Slow

Saturday: The Assk Dave & Jen Show


David and Jen share their daily gratitude’s that they share with their family on a daily basis.

Talking of Gratitudes: I wanted to thank all of you who have taken the time to post your questions on Facebook and of course your songs and dedications.

Love D & J

See below the resources that were mentioned on the show

In answer to Joe White’s question with regards to resources for Real Estate investing in Canada

Darren Weeks ‘Fast Track Cash Flow’ has worked with me in the past and works closely with Robert Kyosaki and his team


Another great question from Steven Green about his 80 year old father law with regards to finding passion after losing his wife

This is a beautiful story and the song is a true love story.

She Gave me 75 Years – A Love Song


Here is an article with regards to bereavement and moving forward with your life

The Emotional Toll of Spousal Morbidity and Mortality

http://humannaturelab.net/wp-content/themes/human-nature-lab/m http://humannaturelab.net/wp-content/themes/human-nature-lab/media/pdf/publications/articles/079.pdfedia/pdf/publications/articles/079.pdf

Yael Urszuy asked a great question for teens, she is 16 and a beautiful light in this universe

Teen Entrepreneur – The Bubble Gum Machine 


World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms


Thanks all and we will see you on Mondays show The 600 Sec show.

See you on the other side

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