191 – When, Where, and Why to Outsource, with Chris Ducker

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chris-c-duckerToday David is excited to be interviewing Chris Ducker, Chris, is unconventional,a serial entrepreneur, speaker and most recently an author.  Chris is the founder of Virtual Staff Finder, the world’s number one Virtual Assistant match.  He is also a popular blogger, a podcaster, a husband and dad!

Chris and his family have lived in the Philippines for the past 13 years.  He is from the UK and his wife is original from the Philippines.  His lifestyle as a business owner and growing his amazing team in the Philippines has allowed him to work 4 days a week and to enjoy the beautiful weather and most importantly spending quality time with his family.

Chris has recently just written his first book called “Virtual Freedom” which will be out in the spring of 2014.

 On Today’s show you will learn:

  • As an Entrepreneur, learn to let go
  • Working with a Virtual Assistant
  • Are you drowning in emails?
  • What’s great about Outsourcing?
  • How Outsourcing can help free up your time so you can work on your business?
  • Finding great employees and what to look for.
  • How to hire for the role, NOT the task.
  • The importance of business mindset and what people are missing.
  • Check out his 7-day ‘New Business’ Bootcamp under www.chrisducker.com

Listen to this amazing show, work to LIVE your life and listen to what LIVING a kickass life means for Chris.

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