179 – Create DEEP Happiness with Craig Meriwether

Podcast Episode

craigmToday David is excited to be interviewing Craig Meriwether, Craig is a leading expert in mind mastery, eliminating depression and creating deep happiness and success.

Craig will talk about his personal journey, planning his suicide and giving himself options. He will share what he has learned and THAT depression can be ended and you can enjoy your beautiful life and find happiness.

 Today you will learn:

  • How to end depression without medication
  • That there can be different reasons why depression is showing up in your life
  • How a loved one or spouse can give support
  • How important it is to listen to your children and what they are going through, watching their emotions, the importance of interacting with them
  • How to create negativity and how to change this
  • What some healthy alternatives are and the importance of being healthy and fit.
  • How to start programming your mind for happiness

Depression isn’t your fault and it can be fixed!

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Author: David Wood

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