124 – Losing Your Mind, with Catherine Graves

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CheckingOutCoverSmaller2-193x300Episode 124 – Losing Your Mind, with Catherine Graves

Today David is excited to meet and interview first time author Catherine Graves, her book “Checking Out: An In-Depth Look At Losing Your Mind.

Catherine will share with us her amazing life with her husband John and their six children, her personal experiences of her husband’s out of character behavior and how she suspected the worst and was not prepared for the actual nightmare that would change their lives forever.

What you will learn today:

  • How she found out her husband had brain cancer
  • Making the toughest decision of her life and how she coped
  • How important it is to take care of yourself and FORGIVE yourself
  • The importance of Asking for HELP
  • How important it is to have a WILL and discuss the content

Catherine’s motivation to write this book, helped her to explain her experience and that there really is no RIGHT or WRONG way. WE all have a choices, enjoy every day, or have a crappy day and reset.

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