113 – Sherri Thomas on how to BOUNCE BACK when life has kicked your ass!

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sherri_thomas 1426Two-time author and avid listener to The Kickass Life show, Sherri Thomas sits down with a cup of Coffee and shares her journey from being fired multiple times to bouncing back and completely reinventing herself.

Sherri’s book win the Award “Best Career Book of 2012” by the Indie Book Awards for independently published authors.

What you will discover on this show:

  • Why figuring out your Personal Motivation is a key to designing the life you desire
  • Why you need to set your own bar
  • The importance of mourning when losing your job
  • Key Strategies that work after being laid off
  • Stories of reinvention by different business professionals
  • Why quitting can be a key to happiness
  • Why Boredom can be a key to re-invention
  • Understanding and coping with FEAR around re-invention
  • The Questions that you must ask yourself
  • Why most people inadvertently leave their careers in the hands of someone else

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