105 – Collaborate to Success with CEO Larry Stevens

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Screen Shot 2013-04-23 at 8.41.32 AMLarry Stevens shares his journey from Hockey Player to “Imagineer”, and co-founder of OPUS WORKSPACE, todays solution for the noisy and cluttered Internet world. (SEE BELOW for Larry’s special Kickass offer…)

The Problem Entrepreneurs have: Bombarded by Twitter, Facebook, and emails, a constant barrage of NOISE. Immense Pressure in the workspace to get more done.

The Opus Solution: Lessen the traffic, the noise and the stress, so that we can get more done and collaborate together for greater results in a private and protected workspace that pushes you to take the right actions.

The idea of Opus was born in a waiting room of a hospital surrounded by children battling Cancer. He saw how he could change the way that Cancer is treated, by designing a workspace that would allow a global collaboration in a protected workspace with like minded people.

In this show, you’ll learn:

  • “The Key Ingredient” of Winning
  • The Importance of Proper Planning
  • How to gain confidence and momentum

Larry looked for the Difference Maker in the world today and found it with OPUS WORKSPACE, where you can empower each other to create more success in the work space, and less stress in our home space.

Larry Stevens has a great offer for all listeners of The Kickass Life Show:

Go to: http://kickass.opusworkspace.com

Choose “Executive Plan”, enter “kickass” in the (coupon code) section, and you will get $30.00 off of a $50.00 per month plan with full access to all features, and no limits!

This is an exclusive offer for Listeners of the Kickass Life with David Wood Show,

For any question please call the “Opus Success Contact Centre” 866.379.0991 ext 101

Author: David Wood

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