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dan_martellDan Martell is a serial Entrepreneur who’s aha moment at one of his darkest moments and launched Dan to become a successful entrepreneur, angel investor and mentor many start up companies. His current company www.clarity.fm has a goal of positive impact on 1 Billion people in the next decade. After one person saw in him, something that he had not seen in himself, he began his journey that he thanks some great people and a little luck for.

At 18 he started a biz and failed

At 20 he started another biz with borrowed family money and failed

At 24 he started again when he realized that he wanted to create something bigger than himself and succeeded.

Along the way he has learnt some very important life and business lessons. Below are some of his tips for success that he shares on the show.

First: Screwing up is normal –  When you are screwing up it does not mean that “You’re a Screw Up” 

“Your not a screw up, your just screwing up”

When starting out: Find someone mentors who have recently done that thing that you want to do next, spend time with them and model them and what they are doing that is creating success.

Then you can prove to yourself that it’s not that hard and that they are not as smart as you first thought they were.

You’re not supposed to know the answers, as entrepreneurs we are not meant to know the first time, be a beginner first

Remember one of my favorite sayings “Every Master was Once a Disaster”.

All things are possible, A person just has to decide – In the end Its just a decision.

Asked for some specific for some of his big aha’s,  Dan shared these pearls of wisdom:

  1. When you have that feeling that you should do something, simply say F*@*k Yes or Heck Yes and start moving forward – Take Action Today. Stop talking about it and move your ideas forward.
  2. Understand the Knowing-Doing Gap (When you know inside that you should do something and just continue to sit on it) – So just DO IT.
  3. Embrace uncertainty and ignorance, in the beginning and often along the journey you will not know so make uncertainty your friend
  4. Perspective: Ask not if your worthy of your goals, ask if your goals are worthy of your life – Its not “do I deserve to have these things” the better question is “are these things worthy of me investing my life into them”
  5. Surround yourself with the right people, the people that will PLUS your ideas.
  6. Surround yourself with people who will support you and your ideas, spend less time with people who are not passionate and energized because in the end they will suck you dry.

Dan believes that instead of thinking Work – Life – Balance he just thinks LIFE as being all of those things, do things with people you love who inspire you, vacation with your business partners its all one. If your passionate about your work it is your life and will blend with all your relationships.

Its possible to create one Big Amazing Life where you never speak about other people negatively, you speak about things that you are passionate about with people who are passionate.

What is a Kickass Life?

Work on the thing that I’m deeply passionate about and uniquely qualified to do. Move my dream forward and don’t spend time on things that are not valuable.

Bring your family and friends into it!

Be sure to check out http://www.clarity.fm

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