094 – Does Your Life Need a Tuneup?

Podcast Episode


…or does it need a complete overhaul?

A few years ago, Dave MacArthur was a mechanic..and now he’s a millionaire.  Join David Wood as he welcomes Dave MacArthur and The Mechanic to Millionaire Podcast onto The Kickass Life Podcast Network.  Twice a week, (Mondays and Fridays) Dave Mac will show you how he did it, and give you techniques so you can do the same. 

Dave & Dave talk about the new podcast,  and what kind of huge transformation Dave M’s life has gone through.  They also talk about Thatch Caye Belize, and the massive impact it had on Dave MacArthur’s wife.  Finally, they give a shout out to producer/social media/website/rockstar (Can you tell he’s writing this?) Michael O’Neal for all the behind the scenes stuff he (I) does. 

Listen to the Mechanic to Millionaire Podcast on iTunes, Stitcher Radio, or at http://www.mechanictomillionaire.com. (Officially launching March 18)

Do you want to spend a week with David Wood in Belize? We have a few spots (I think 6) left for the week in Belize at the beginning of July.  Just send us a message on Facebook or at [email protected].

Author: David Wood

Introducing you to Master Trainer David Wood and The Kickass Life Podcast! In this podcast, David will be chatting with some of the worlds most fascinating and influential thought leaders who are impacting the world around us. You are invited to join in as David gets up-close and personal with these amazing people, unlocking their “success code” and letting you discover how these “ordinary” folks have gone on to do extraordinary things in the world, and truly live kickass lives.

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