093 – Follow your PASSION with Mike Johnston

Podcast Episode

857964_10151358307068860_602994381_oTo be honest with you, when I heard that I would be interviewing a drum teacher I was not 100% sure whether it would be the kind of show that was suited for The Kickass Life. 

What happened next blew my mind.

Mike Johnston’s story is so incredibly powerful and his passion oozes out of every word.

This is a story of how one man went against the odds and gave up the “high life” as a musician traveling the world, to follow his passion for teaching, and how his passion has turned into a multi-million dollar enterprise that truly inspires others.

This was one of those interviews where the end comes way too quickly,  and I was left wanting more.

What’s the little voice in your head whispering? And do you have the courage to listen and then follow the path of your deepest passion?

Find out how Mike did just that.



Mike’s Drum Lessons:  http://www.mikeslessons.com

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/mikejohnstondrumlessons


Author: David Wood

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