283 – 10 Simple Ways to Live a Kickass Life

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David T.S. Wood Water SkiingAfter pulling an all-nighter with his guy friends David reflects on some of the quotes that he has written that truly help him live a KickAss Life and shares the Top Ten Songs of all time put out by Rolling Stone Magazine.

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Top Ten Songs:

Ray Charles – What’d I Say – 1959

Nirvana – Smells like Teen Spirit – 1991

Beatles – Hey Jude – 1968

Chuck Berry – Johnny Be Good – 1958

Beach Boys – Good Vibrations – 1966

Aretha Franklin – Respect – 1965

Marvin Gaye – What’s Going On – 1971

John Lennon – Imagine – 1971

The Rolling Stones – I Can’t Get No Satisfaction – 1965

Bob Dylan – Like a Rolling Stone – 1965

Today’s Quotes by David T.S. Wood

“Tell the truth all the time with compassion.”
– David T.S. Wood

“Everyone is waiting for someone else to go first.”
– David T.S. Wood

“Every Master was Once a Disaster including Moi!!”
– David T.S. Wood

“In order to truly succeed in life you have to
Stop taking advice from Broke unhappy people”
– David T.S. Wood

“Drugs, alcohol and tattoos was the way young people used to rebel. Not any more, The ‘New Rebellion’ for Young People is creating physical and finical freedom for themselves and their families so that they can do more, be more and have more.

Do yourself a favor and join the rebellion.”
-David T.S. Wood

“The Definition of the word FEAR is ‘The Anticipation of Pain’
To Anticipate something is to imagine it being real
Our Fear then only exists in our imagination, its a made up story
Maybe its time to make up a new story and conquer that FEAR
What would you do TODAY if you were not AFRAID??”
– David T.S. Wood

“The next time someone is negative, rejects or is nasty to you and it slows you down or even worse stops you altogether, imagine that they just threw up all over you and you chose to pick up a spoon and eat it. Success tastes better.”
– David T.S.Wood

“If you want to attract amazing relationships, great people and lots of money into your life then jump in with both feet and believe in what you are doing. It’s an uncertain world and people are attracted to certainty.”
– David T.S. Wood

“Certainty is Sexy”
– David T. S. Wood

“Stop trying to get people in your business. No one likes to be ‘GOT’ Instead, start really ‘getting’ who people are, and how you can serve them and watch your business take off.”
– David T. S. Wood

“The foundation of the modern Network Marketing Profession is not based on greed and what’s in it for you, but generosity and how you can help others succeed.”
– David T.S. Wood

Author: Casey

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